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Giving Hearts Day Chili Cook Off

PATH Office 1425 21st Ave NW A, Minot
Giving Hearts Day Chili Cook Off

DVCC and PATH are challenging each other to a chili cook off for Giving Hearts Day. Join us at the PATH office in Minot, at 1425 21st Ave NW A from 11:30am - 1:00 pm. Sample some great chili and donate to help our organizations reach our Giving Hearts Day Campaign goals.

DVCC is excited to announce our 2020 Giving Hearts Day Campaign: Futures Free from Violence
Our future includes comprehensive outreach and prevention efforts building communities that expect healthy relationships. This is accomplished through: age appropriate prevention efforts where people understand what healthy relationships should look like. Historically we have discussed what red flags are in relationships and we want to turn that around. Healthy boundaries, consent, shared power, and language to express emotions are skills that will be developed and taught to partners in this next era of DVCC. This effort coupled with our existing interventions, will create significant change within another generation. For future generations, our vision is elimination of domestic violence related homicides in our community and for all people to experience only healthy relationships. Join us in our efforts to raise $50,000 to establish the crucial prevention efforts to flip generational violence around and establish healthy futures so we no longer will expect to see children who come to our shelter become involved in repeating cycles of violence in their adult lives.