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Helping Hands Room Renovation: A Labor of Love and Collaboration

You might be asking “What is the Helping Hands Room?” This is where donations from the community become more than a donation; they help someone take the next steps toward a life free from violence. It is a room where survivors of interpersonal violence find empowerment and sustainability. The room contains professional and seasonal clothing, hygiene/personal care products, diapers/wipes, children’s clothing and toys, household goods, handmade quilts, decor, and more. All items are new or like new and donated to DVCC from the local community and beyond.  It is free to anyone receiving services, is currently in crisis, or a transitional period of their life. We believe that little choices have the ability to empower a survivor and to transform their life.  

This summer this little room of possibilities received a much-needed make-over by the Minot Optimist Club.  This collaborative effort with volunteers and club members refreshed the space making it feel like a whole new area.  While the new and improved Helping Hands Room has only been open a few weeks, we have seen a great impact. Clients have remarked how beautiful and vibrant it feels, they love the word “empower” on the wall; reminding them to keep moving forward, and to keep making positive choices in their journeys to healing. DVCC is excited to continue growing this impact in the future.