Witnessing and experiencing abuse has many negative effects on children, including:


  • Inability to express, share or process their feelings
  • Unexplained, abrupt changes in behavior
  • Aggressive to self or others


  • Difficulties in peer and adult relationships
  • Sibling rivalry 


  • Poor Social Skills 
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Lack of Self-Confidence
  • Powerlessness and Shame
  • Hopelessness and Helplessness

DVCC's Support Services for Children

  • Weekly Support Group: A confidential setting where children can talk and be listened to, and provide information to help children make changes in behavior and improve self-image and confidence. 
  • Prevention of abuse through education, activities, and protection planning.
  • Weekly Children's Activities to help children become more relaxed and comfortable, promote a positive atmosphere, and strengthen self-esteem.